Top 10 YouTube creators who won the hearts of Malaysians – Marketing Interactive

Top 10 YouTube creators who won the hearts of Malaysians – Marketing Interactive

YouTube’s latest top 10 creators list in Malaysia highlights emerging content creators who have continuously adapted and responded to the rapidly changing landscape of videography. It features a mix of fresh and familiar faces who, according to YouTube, have brought their “A” game in delivering authentic, relatable and engaging content. 

“Viewers, artists, and creators in the community are continuously adapting and responding to the rapidly changing landscape of video, as we redefine what we watch, how we watch, and why we watch them,” said YouTube. Topping the list this year is Malaysian YouTuber, Ammar Nazhan who does videos based on lifestyle, technology and entertainment. 

Here are the top 10 creators in Malaysia: 

1. Ammar Nazhan
2. Aqil Zulkiflee
3. Alieff Irfan
4. Che Nom 
5. Akiddos 
6. Ikhmal Nour 
7. Shuib Channel 
8. Isa Isarb 
9. MiawAug 
10. Frost Diamond

Additionally, four creators from the top 10 creator list made it onto the top 10 breakout creators list. The breakout list celebrates creators whose subscriber counts have increased more than three times within the last year. The top spots in the breakout creators list were occupied by users Ammar Nazhan and Akiddos, whose content circles on pranks and challenges. Whereas lifestyle vlogs from Ikhmal Nour and Shuib Channel follow close behind, clinching the third and fourth place respectively. 

Here are the top 10 breakout creators in Malaysia:

1. Ammar Nazhan
2. Akiddos
3. Ikhmal Nour 
4. Shuib Channel 
5. KerulSeries 
6. Horangi99 
7. Imran Bard 
8. Amamijan 
9. Sharnaaz Ahmad Tv
10. lil lizat

With the launch of YouTube Shorts in Singapore earlier this year, the social media platform said it had opened up more ways for creators to express themselves and for viewers to experience YouTube. In 2021, Malaysians have found themselves entertained by Shorts content from all around the world, from the likes of Dan Rhodes and his illusions, Zhong and his pranks and Klara Tania and her straight talk, among others. 

Here are the top 10 shorts creators in Malaysia:

1. Dan Rhodes 
2. Jake Fellman 
3. Miss Xiuu
4. Yoeslan 
5. My.Ladyquinn
6. Nas Daily 
7. CK Yusoff 
8. Julius Dein 
10. camman18

What Malaysians are watching? 

According to YouTube, the top trending videos, contents and channels that have garnered the interest of local viewers mostly share the common quality of being experiential, raw and spontaneous. Upon checking, A+M found that eight out of ten of this year’s top trending videos were content that were created locally, signalling that the Malaysian audience has a strong preference for topics closer to home. According to YouTube, the videos were determined by in-country views of videos uploaded in 2021 and considers many factors including but not limited to view time. 


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